Task List

The Task List allows you to organize and manage all of your Tasks.  Track what needs to be done on a week-by-week basis, stay organized and focus on what’s important.

Task List Page

  1. Create Task
  1. Task Tile
    • The Task Tile shows the key details of your Task
      • Task Title
      • Related Meeting (if any)
      • Company (if an Opportunity exists for the Related Meeting)
      • Due Date
      • Pre-meeting or Follow-up Meeting flag
      • Assignee Avatar 
    • Click the Task Tile to open the Tasks page
  1. Avatars & Status Indicator
  1. Sorting
    • Tasks are organized the week in which they are due
    • You can adjust the sorting to show Tasks due today
  1. Filter
    • All | To Do | Completed Toggle
      • ‘To Do’ displays your outstanding Tasks
        • If you have assigned a Task to someone, but not yet sent the Task Assignment Emails, the Task will appear in the ‘All’ filter
      • ‘Completed’ displays your completed Tasks
      • ‘All’ displays all Tasks
    • Filter
      • You can filter by who Tasks are Assigned To
        • Assigned To Me – My Tasks (Self-assigned Tasks) and Tasks Assigned to Me by other messeji users
        • Assigned To Others – Tasks you have assigned to other people
      • You can filter by Important Tasks
      • You can filter by Task type
        • Pre-meeting
        • Follow-up
        • Other – Tasks not associated with a meeting

Task List on Dashboard

The Task List on the Dashboard shows your next up Tasks.  The Task List on the Dashboard is designed to give you a quick view of what you need to get done and help you prioritize.

  • Next due Tasks will appear at the top of the list
  • Click on a Task to launch the Tasks page
  • Click on the VIEW ALL button to launch the Task List
  • Adjust the Sort By filter to invert the list
  • See the Avatars & Status Indicator article for more details


Updated on 12 November 2020

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