Run Meeting Like A Pro

Execute your meeting plan, capture every note, and assign follow-up tasks on the fly.

Leverage your Meeting Card

messeji Active Meeting helps you leverage your Meeting Card to run great meetings.  Active Meeting intuitively displays everything you prepared before your meeting to help you stay focused on your goals, drive your agenda, and cover all the key topics and questions.

Capture notes, build intelligence

messeji helps you capture every note while you run your meetings.  Uncover the information you need to qualify the sale and drive the deal forward.  messeji stores all your notes in your Meeting Card for easy reference as you progress the sales cycle.

Split Screen allows you to use messeji side-by-side with another application, to create a seamless experience in virtual meetings.

Follow-up tasks on the fly

Create follow-up Tasks while you run your meetings.  

Assign tasks to all of your Attendees, so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and who is going to do it.  Assign tasks to yourself, your team or even your customers.

messeji’s task workflow automates task tracking and enables you to consolidate feedback all in one place.  Use tasks to create accountability and drive the sale forward.

Finalize and drive next steps

Meeting Wrap-up helps you manage everything you need to do after your meeting and drive next steps in a simple, intuitive workflow.

Easily track your meeting goals and opportunities, update and assign your follow-up tasks, and schedule follow-up meetings.

Updated on 17 November 2020

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