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messeji helps you run great meetings.  Designed for sales professionals to optimize their business opportunities, messeji is a tool that can help anyone running better meetings.

Getting started with messeji

Register a new account with messeji or Sign up with Google.  

If you sign in with Google, you should be prompted to specify the Calendar messeji uses for your meetings.  Once signed in, you will arrive at your Dashboard.  The Dashboard is your Home Page for tracking your Meetings and the key Tasks that keep you organized.

Important!  Go to Settings in your profile and confirm your Timezone.  Messeji uses this to manage Meetings and Tasks.

Plan a Meeting

Click the +Add button in the header of the Dashboard to access the Create Meeting page where you can schedule a Meeting.

You can use the Default Template, or edit our Example Template to create your Meeting.  If you signed in with Google, you will be able to select Google Meet to auto-generate a meeting link when you send your Meeting Invitation.

You must click to Save your work.  Once you Save the Meeting, you will be prompted to issue Meeting Invitations.

Any Tasks established on the Meeting Card will automatically be generated, assigned to you, assigned a due date, added to your Task List and marked as “Accepted”.  If you wish to assign a Task to someone else, you can Edit the Task from your Task List.

You can assign the Task, enter a Task Description, select the Assignee and indicate the Due Date. 

When you hit Save, messeji will generate an email and allow you to add additional instructions if needed.

When your assignee receives the Task email, they can Accept the Task.  They will be able to use the Feedback field to respond to your Task and provide Attachments when appropriate.

Active Meeting

Use messeji to run your Meeting.  Use messeji side-by-side with your virtual meeting platform with Split Screen.  messeji lets you capture Notes and assign Follow Up Tasks immediately.

Meeting Wrap-up

Once your Meeting is over, messeji will take you through a series of steps to track your Goals & Opportunity and assign Follow Up Tasks.  Start right away or messeji will remind you later to complete your Recap.

Using messeji will keep you on track and help you automate many of your activities.  This will save you time and make you more effective.  

Be sure to check out the Tips section for How To Guides and Hints on how messeji can automate your Meeting activities.

Updated on 11 March 2021

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