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Build your Meeting Card

messeji helps you run great meetings.  Build your Meeting Card, get organized, and focus on what really matters to run a great meeting.

Meeting Card
  1. Meeting goals – set clear and concise goals for your meeting to stay focused on what you need to achieve.
  1. Agenda – build your agenda to keep the discussion on track and help you achieve your meeting goals.
  1. Pre-meeting tasks – create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to customers and colleagues to get stuff done before your meeting.
  1. Follow-up tasks – create tasks for yourself or assign to others for Next Steps. You can anticipate some, or assign tasks during your meeting and when you do the Meeting Wrap-up.
  1. Content – upload documents & presentations for easy access during your meeting.
  1. Talking points – identify key talking points to drive the discussion forward. Ask questions to qualify the opportunity.
  1. Notes –  Capture key information to drive the Sales Cycle.  Add comments and related items so you can easily find information in one place throughout the Sales Cycle.

Leverage Templates

messeji helps you lay the groundwork for meetings in minutes with Meeting Card Templates.

Build templates for every type of meeting you run – Intro Meetings, Product Demos, Tech Discussions, and more.  Quickly and easily upload a template when you schedule a meeting.

Use templates to drive the sales cycle.  Build Meeting Goals, Agendas, and Talking Points that correlate to each stage of the Opportunity to make sure you put yourself in the best position to close the deal.

Learn what works best and adapt your templates to drive great outcomes for every meeting at each stage of the Opportunity.

Updated on 17 November 2020

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