Meeting Wrap Up

The Meeting Wrap-up allows you to manage all of the intelligence you collected during your meeting and start driving next steps.

  • Click the QUIT button to exit the Meeting Wrap-up
    • You can complete the Meeting Wrap-up later from the Meeting Card
  • Click SKIP to bypass one of the steps
  • Click NEXT to complete each of the steps

Track you Meeting Goals

Keep track of everything you accomplished during your meeting and pinpoint what you need to focus on to drive the sale forward.

Progress your Opportunity

Track changes to your Opportunity and stay on top of your progress.

  • Update your Opportunity Value & Stage

Update and assign your Follow-up Tasks

messeji allows you to assign Tasks to everyone, including your customers!  Track next steps and make sure everything agreed during the meeting gets done.

  • Update your Tasks, set a due date, and assign the Task.

After you update your Tasks, you can send a Meeting Summary Email email to all of your Attendees.

Schedule Follow-up Meetings

The Meeting Wrap-up workflow allows you to lock in your next meeting and push out invites to your attendees.

  1. Create your Meeting overview
  1. Add your Attendees
  1. Choose a template
    • You must choose a Template in order to schedule your meeting
  1. Click the FINISH button to send your invitation

When you schedule a Follow-up Meeting, Follow-up Tasks from your original meeting will become Pre-meeting Tasks for your Follow-up Meeting.  These Tasks will migrate from the Meeting Card from the original meeting to the Meeting Card for the Follow-up Meeting.



Updated on 12 November 2020

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