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messeji helps you get stuff done.  Create Tasks for yourself, colleagues, or customers to make sure that you get everything done before and after your meetings.

This article provides details on managing Tasks throughout the platform and how Tasks behave in specific situations.  See the Create Tasks, Tasks, and Task List pages for additional details on creating, accessing, and managing Tasks.

Complete a Task

Throughout the messeji platform, you will see a tick box next to each Task Title

  • Tick the box to complete the Task
  • Please note that once you have completed a Task, it cannot be ‘un-complete’
    • Be sure your all required action is completed before you tick the box

Delete a Task

Tasks can be deleted from the Meeting Card.

  •  Delete a task – hover over the Task and click the ‘x’
    • A pop-up box will appear to confirm delete

Pre-meeting & Follow-up Tasks

Tasks will be automatically classified as Pre-meeting or Follow-up Tasks based on whether they are due before or after the Related Meeting.  If a Task does not have a Related Meeting, it will be classified as Other.

  • Pre-meeting Tasks – Tasks due before a meeting 
  • Follow-up Tasks – Tasks due after the meeting

If you have Follow-up Tasks associated with a meeting, then schedule a Follow-up Meeting in Meeting Wrap-up, the Follow-up Tasks from the original Meeting will automatically become Pre-meeting Tasks for the Follow-up Meeting

Assignor versus Assignee

See the Tasks Assignor & Assignee article for more details.


Updated on 11 November 2020

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