messeji will generate Invitations to Attendees for each Meeting you create.

If you registered your messeji account via Sign up with Google, please visit the Invitations for Google Registered Users page.

Important for first time users!  Go to Settings in your profile and confirm your Timezone.  Messeji uses this to manage Meeting times and Task due dates.

New Invitations

Once you have created your meeting, you can send Invitations to your Attendees from messeji

  • You will see the list of Attendees and Meeting Overview details.
  • You can type a message to your Attendees
  • Click ‘Send’ once you finish typing your message

Please note that Attendees will NOT see your Meeting Card.  They can only see the Meeting Overview details and Attendee list.

  • You will receive a Notification when your Attendee Accepts or Declines your invitation

Updated Invitations

  • If you change any Meeting Overview details (Meeting title, Time/Date, Attendees), you have the option to resend the invitation to your Attendees.
  • If you add new Attendees to a Meeting, be sure to resend the Invitation
    • Attendees you have already sent Invitations to will receive an updated Invitation with the new Attendee list.


  • When you Create meetings you have the option to set a Reminder for your attendees
  • You can adjust when your Attendee will receive the Reminder for your meeting
  • Make sure the ‘Send email’ box is ticked to send a Reminder

We recommend that you set Reminders for all of your meetings, in case your Attendee forgot to your meeting to their calendar

Attendee experience

  • Invitations will be sent to the email address assigned to your messeji Contacts
  • Your Attendee will have the option to Accept or Decline your invitation
  • Your Attendee will have the option to ‘Add to calendar’


Updated on 11 March 2021

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