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Edit Mode allows you to update an existing Task.  For information on using Edit Mode to update Tasks created from the Meeting Card, see the Create Tasks from Meeting Card article.

Click the EDIT button from the top menu of the Tasks page to update a Task.

  1. Related Meeting
    • If your Task has already been associated with a Related Meeting, you cannot change the Related Meeting
    • If your Task has not been associated with a Related Meeting, you can associate your Task with a Related Meeting
      • Start typing the Meeting name and select from your existing meeting list
  1. Enter Task Title & Description
    • Update the Task Title
    • Enter a Task Description
      • Provide a full description of what needs to be done, your Task Assignee will be able to read the full description
  1. Assign the Task
    • Type the Assignee’s name in the ‘Assign To’ field
    • Or leave the field blank if you are creating a Task for yourself
    • You can assign your Task to existing Contacts or create new Contacts 
  1. Set Due Date & Reminder
    • You can change the Due Date as required
      • If you associated your Task with a Related Meeting, be mindful of the Meeting Date and whether you need the Task completed before or after the Meeting
    • Set Reminder
    • If the Task is Important, tick the ‘Important’ box to flag in your Task List
  1. SAVE
    • Once you Save your Task, you can Send an updated Task Assignment Email to your meeting Task Assignee
    • Check out the Task Assignment Emails article for more information on sending Task Assignments from messeji
    • If you don’t want to send the updated Task Assignment Email, or if you have created a personal Task, click the ‘Go back to work’ button to return to your Task List
      • Click ‘X’ to return to your Tasks page – changes will not be saved.
  1. Feedback & Attachments
    • See the Tasks article for details


Updated on 12 November 2020

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