The Dashboard allows you to access your most upcoming Meetings & Tasks in one place to help you stay organized and focused on the important stuff.

  1. Snapshot
    • The Snapshot gives you a quick view of your progress in a given week
    • The metrics show your completed Meetings & Tasks against the total Meetings & Tasks you have scheduled or due in a given week
  1. Meeting List
    • The Meeting List displays Meeting Tiles for each of your upcoming Meetings.
    • Filter
      • You can filter Meetings by day or week
      • Toggle between days or weeks to view the corresponding Meetings
    • Sort
      • You can sort the Meeting List by Time, Location, Meeting Title, Task Status, or Important
        • Click each option to sort accordingly
  1. Task List
    • The Task List on the Dashboard shows your next up Tasks
    • The Task List on the Dashboard is designed to give you a quick view of what you need to get done and help you prioritize
    • See the Task List article for more details  
  1. Top Menu
  1. Navigation Menu
    • Quickly navigate to different messeji functions
      • Dashboard – click the Dashboard icon or the messeji logo in the top left of the page
      • Task List
      • Templates

Meeting Tile

Meeting Tiles are designed to give you an overview of the important details for your Meetings.

  • Meeting Date & Time
  • Location – Virtual Meeting, Conference Call, or Address
  • Meeting Title & Company name
  • Attendees with acceptance status
  • Task Status
    • Before your Meeting
      • In-progress – you have outstanding Pre-meeting Tasks to be completed before the Meeting
      • Ready – your Pre-meeting Tasks have been completed and you are ready for your Meeting
    • After your Meeting
      • Follow-up – you have outstanding Follow-up Tasks from your Meeting
      • Complete – all Follow-up Tasks associated with your Meeting have been complete

You can expand the Meeting Tile to show your Pre-Meeting & Follow-up Tasks and launch your Meeting Card.

  • Launch your Meeting Card via the MEETING CARD button
  • View your Pre-meeting & Follow-up Tasks
    • Click the Task Title to launch the Tasks page
    • Tick the box next to the Task Title to complete the Task


Updated on 12 November 2020

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