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Manage meetings in messeji, from scheduling to follow-up, all in one place.

Important for first time users!  Go to Settings in your profile and confirm your Timezone.  Messeji uses this to manage Meetings and Tasks.

Click the ‘+ Add’ button from the top menu of the Dashboard to create a meeting.

Create Meeting

  1. Meeting overview
    • Enter a unique Meeting Name
    • Select the Date and Start / End time
    • Select the meeting Type
    • Make sure the ‘Send email’ box is ticked to send a Reminder Invitations to your attendees 
    • Tick the Important box for high profile meetings
  1. Attendees
  1. Opportunity
  1. Templates
    • Plan for your meeting from scratch or use one of your meeting Templates
    • Or update your Meeting Card now and Save as a Template 
      • You can update your Meeting Card at any time, but if you want to save a new Template, you need to do it at this stage.

See the Meeting Card article for information on planning for your meetings.

  1. Save
    • Once you Save your meeting, you have the option to send meeting Invitations to your meeting Attendees
    • Check out the Invitations article for more information on sending invitations from messeji
    • If you don’t want to Send Invitations, click the ‘Go to meeting list’ button to return to your Dashboard Meeting List OR click ‘X’ to go to your Meeting Card

Cancel Meetings – You cannot cancel meetings in the messeji MVP.  See the Cancel Meetings article for suggested workarounds.


Updated on 11 March 2021

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