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Change Task Assignee

Change Task Assignee

In Edit Task mode, you can change a Task Assignee.  However, we recommend that rather than changing the Task Assignee, you delete the Task from the Meeting Card and create a new Task for the new Assignee.

Original Assignee:

  • The original Assignee will no longer be able to access the Task 
  • Or view the Task on their Task List if they are a messeji user

New Assignee:

  • The new Assignee will receive a Task Assignment Update Email
  • The new Assignee will be able to see any saved Feedback or Attachments from the original Assignee


  • The Assignor will be able to interact with the Task as any other Tasks Assigned To Others
  • However, if the original Assignee has already accepted the Task, the Task will show as accepted
    • The new Assignee will not have the option to Accept the Task again
Updated on 11 November 2020

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