Make meeting scheduling and task tracking seamless with messeji.  Take back time in your day to focus on the important stuff.


messeji integrates with Google to automate aspects of scheduling meetings from messeji.  Google Integration enables you to manage your meetings, from scheduling to follow-up, in messeji.

  • Auto-generate Google Meet links
  • Automatically push calendar events to your Google calendar


Assign Tasks to your colleagues and customers and let messeji do the rest.  messeji makes it easy to manage multiple tasks, across multiple meetings to help you get stuff done and drive the sales cycle forward.

  • messeji tracks Task status and keeps you up-to-date
    • Get notified when a Task is accepted, declined, or submitted for your review
    • Remind your Assignee when the due date is approaching if the Task is not submitted
  • messeji consolidates feedback and attachments from Assignees, access directly from your Meeting Card
Updated on 11 March 2021

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