Active Meeting

Run meetings like a pro.  Access the important details from your Meeting Card while you run your meeting.

Click the ‘Start meeting’ button from the Meeting Card to launch Active Meeting.

  1. Notes
    • Active Meeting allows you to capture all of the Notes from your discussion while you run your meeting.
    • messeji will save all your Notes in your Meeting Card to keep you organized and provide an easy reference point for all the intelligence you capture during your meetings.
  1. Talking Point | Meeting Goals | Agenda
    • messeji pulls the key elements of your Meeting Plan into Active Meeting for easy reference during your meetings.
      1. Drive the discussion with easy access to your Talking Points
      2. Stay focused with easy access to your Meeting Goals
      3. Cover key topics with easy access to your Agenda
  1. Follow-up Tasks
    • Create Tasks while you run your meetings
    • You can update Follow-up Tasks, set due dates, and assign them to colleagues and customers during the Meeting Wrap-up
  1. Content
    • Quickly access your presentations and documents with easy access to Content
  1. End Meeting
    • Click the END MEETING button at the conclusion of your meeting
    • Launch the Meeting wrap-up 

Use messeji side-by-side with another application

If you are hosting a virtual meeting, click the virtual meeting URL from the Meeting Card to launch your virtual meeting.  Click the START MEETING button to launch Active Meeting

You can resize the browser window to use another application side-by-side with messeji.  See the Split screen article for details.


Updated on 11 November 2020

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